Ortwin Scheja

25 April
Deutsche Bank: 21 TPPs onboarded, activity is growing, TPPs from Germany, UK, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, 5 defects logged, testing like in March
Adorsys: Testing is doing fine, some feedback on ASPSP test specification, some defects from banks, one big German TPP is testing
Fiducia: a bit more testing, 25 TPPs registered, most items are questions (specifics), some defects
Medirect: One Belgian TPP registered, first tests
Finanzinformatik: 13 TPPs are registered, 6 to 8 TPPs are testing. Some defects, Most TPPs are German
BNY Mellon: One TPP registered, Some issues on payment initiation side, XML based

Bank-Verlag root certificates: Signing algorithm for the certificates is quite new. Some firewall systems do not support it yet.
Fiducia is also seeing this problem.
Deutsche Bank has no issues here