Why you should join NISP

The NextGenPSD2 Implementation Support Program – NISP supports banks, associations, schemes and interbank processors in implementing the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 Framework. The primary objective is achieving swift compliance to all relevant regulatory and organisational requirements from the European Union (EU) and the European Banking Authority (EBA).

If you are implementing the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 Framework, then NISP will support you in complying to all relevant European Union (EU) and European Banking Authority (EBA) regulatory and organisational requirements and help to benefit from the exemption to implement a ‘fall-back’ interface solution. Your developers will have their questions resolved, being enabled to optimise their implementations and deliver maximum quality. Your developers and operational responsibles will be happy to see how NISP supports them in creating an efficient testing process, both internally and in testing with the market of Third Party Providers. NISP is also there to support you in resolving any remaining interoperability issues.


NISP enables optimal implementation with high error-free performance.

During the whole process, NISP assists participants, taking as well the TPP perspective into account to enable functioning open banking processes.


NISP provides documented information on every step of the implementation –  from testing to going live.

The list of documents includes among others test specifications as well as explanatory papers on compliance led topics or best practices to ease the implementation.


NISP reduces and resolves interoperability issues by applying harmonised approaches where possible.

Following the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 standard minimises potential sources of interoperability issues and any remaining issues will be solved by the NISP team.


NISP provides the oppertunity to interact – with oneanother and the NISP team to discuss urgent concerns.

The Member Forum simplifies direct communication with other NISP members while the FAQ-area helps to find answers to urgent questions or submit these.