Questions related to the Implemtation Guidelines

What is the PSU-ID-type?

In case a PSU-ID allows more than one kind of data item – e.g. IBAN, Name, email address – to identify a PSU, the PSU-ID-Type specifies the type of used data item, hence, whether it’s a name, an IBAN or an email address.

The ASPSP can mandate the usage of a PSU-ID Type. Compare also, IO16.

Note: Also in the case where the ASPSP supports different types of PSU-Ids he might not support the PSU-Id-Type in the requests, since he is able to distinguish between the different typs whithout this explicit information, e.g. he might recognize whether an IBAN or an email adress is entered.

Which errata are added or respected by the specifications and NISP documents?

In particular, we adapt the specification with respect to errata that refer to errors.

Thus, errata that result from issues that concern the functionality of the interface will be respected in the specification.

How to deal with ASPSPs claiming to use the XS2A interface but in fact do not?

An ASPSP is free to use a proprietary interface. He is obligated to provide the corresponding information and documents to TPPs. This includes in particular a specification of the implemented interface and a testing facility. In case of reasonable doubts that the used interfaces is compliant to the XS2A specification, a TPP can contact the National Competent Authority.