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        According to EBA Registry JSON, there are “Services” structured according to country, and then can have shortage “ES” or “PS”. Example:
        “Services” : [{
        “ES” : [“ES_010”, “PS_010”, “PS_020”, “PS_03A”, “PS_03B”, “PS_03C”, “PS_05A”, “PS_05B”]

        Question is – what does ES stand for?
        We suppose that PS stands for Payment Services – according to the definition of Payment Services in PSD2 directive Annex I. Do you agree?

        Is it needed to verify entityType as well, in order to grant access for a TPP, or is verification of Services sufficient?
        What are the Services / the combination of Services, which enable access to AISP / PISP/ PIISP?

        Thank you

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        Ortwin Scheja

          Compliance Workstream:
          ES is E-Money Services
          PS is Payment Services

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