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      Ortwin Scheja

        Finanzinformatik: last week hight test volumes, 10 TPPs actively testing (17 onboarded TPPs)
        Fiducia: 7 new TPPs, 36 overall, test activity: 6 TPPs actively testing, ticket situation relaxed (general questions only, no issues)
        Deutsche Bank: constant testing, no big issue
        RBI: ### later
        DPA: overall: low but constant testing, no blocking issues, but some issues about certificates, also from abroad
        Attica: No testing yet,
        Sparda: No testing activities, no registration up to now
        Bank-Verlag: 20 registered TPPs, 4 new ones, Big TPP started testing this week, minor issues solved,
        Adorsys: no new issues, all is running well
        Assecco: no big issues to be reported

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