Is there an APSPS Directory of the productive systems or is it planned to be provided such a directory on this portal?

No, NISP won’t provide an ASPSP Directory of the ASPSPs’ productive systems.

When using the embedded SCA approach, which formats are used by the Sandboxes of the ASPSPs? Furthermore, which methods are supported during tests?

The Sandboxes of the ASPSPs support the same method and format as the productive system of the ASPSP supports.

There is no restriction and the Sandboxes deliver actual data in the correct format so that TPPs can test their functionality with genuine data.

However, these data are static.

What Root Certificates are used and accepted by ASPSPs?

The Root Certificates NISP provides on their website are supported by the participating banks, i.e. NISP members confirmed to support the published certificates no later than 5 days after the publication on the NISP portal.

Whom do I have to report to, e.g. results from testing?

A TPP does not need to report anything.

What is the purpose of “Test Concept for the PSD2 Compliant XS2A Interface”?

The document constitutes the test concept for the Berlin Group specification of the XS2A interface and describes abstract test scenarios and the infrastructure of tests conducted by the ASPSP.

The document is not available to TPPs.

The document can be found here.

What is the purpose of “Test Specification for the PSD2 Compliant XS2A Interface”?

This specification is an Excel Sheet that provides an overview of the underlying data sturcture and parameters of tests for PSD2 Services . In particular, it reveals implications a given set of Implementor Options has on the set of relevant test cases. The document is not available to TPPs.

What is the purpose of “ASPSP Test Directory”?

The Test Directory provides information on the testsandboxes of ASPSPs: ASPSP Name, Country, BIC (6-8 digits), URL of the Sandbox for testing, Information whether a registration is needed with a URL for registration, Version of the implemented NextGenPSD2 interface.

What is the purpose of “TPP Sandbox for the PSD2 Compliant XS2A Interface”?

The document constitutes the definition of functional requirements for a test environment-called sandbox -that supports the XS2A interface to be used for integration testing by TPPs. The document is available to both NISP members and TPPs.

Is it mandatory to follow the suggested testing procedure?

No. There is no obligation to test, i.e. no obligation to follow the proposal on the testing procedure. However, if TPPs do not test with an ASPSP they plan to cooperate with, they loose the right to receive support by the ASPSP in case any issues arise. Hence, NISP strongly recommends to test with ASPSPs and to use the provided documents on TPP-integrationtests for a test of an XS2A interface.

With whom should a TPP test?

C.p. Question 8. There is no legal obligation on TPPs to test at all. However, NISP strongly recommends to test every supported service with every ASPSP a TPP wants to cooperate with.