In case of errors in the testing procedure, who’s responsibility is it to fix it?

In case of an error, the TPP should contact the ASPSP and report the issue.

It is in the common responsibility of the TPP and the ASPSP to fix it and should be solved bilaterally. However, in case of escalation, the National Competent Authority can be informed.

How to deal with ASPSPs abroad? Is there any difference in how to treat national and foreign ASPSPs?

All ASPSP are treated equally by the PSD2. However, there exist some country-specific requirements in the specification of PSD2-services. TPPs need a ‘passporting’ registration for the right to act as a TPP in the respective role and country.

Are there any prerequisites on TPPs for testing?

The testing procedure is ASPSP-specific and may require testing certificates and keys. Whether an ASPSP does require a registration etc. can be found under the given entry in the Test Directory.

How to deal with ASPSPs claiming to use the XS2A interface but in fact do not?

An ASPSP is free to use a proprietary interface. He is obligated to provide the corresponding information and documents to TPPs. This includes in particular a specification of the implemented interface and a testing facility. In case of reasonable doubts that the used interfaces is compliant to the XS2A specification, a TPP can contact the National Competent Authority.

Where do I find the ASPSP-specific testing parameters?

There is no centralized provision of this information.

For every ASPSP, the information can be found under the URL published in the Test Directory.

What are Implementer Options?

The processes of PSD2 Services as defined in the Implementation Guidelines of the Berlin Group give ASPSPs some degree of freedom when designing their interface. Consequently, Implementer Options describe these APSPS-specific details of the interface’s implementation and PSD2 services.

A brief description on the different implementer option can be found here.

What is the minimal/mandatory scope of TPP-Integrationtests?

There is no minimal testing scope as there is no legal obligation to test, cp. Question 8. However, to receive any support on service provisioning and testing – provided by the APSPs – the TPP should test every services he intends to support with each and every ASPSP he plans to cooperate with.

When do I have to finish testing ?

There is no legally binding deadline. However, market tests begin from June 14th 2019. Some ASPSP prohibit conducting market tests without successfully finishing sandbox tests. And analogously, ASPSP may prohibit to use the productive system without a sucessfull testing procedure.

What happens if I can not finish sandbox testing successfully until June 14th 2019?

Cp. Question 18. ASPSPs are free to restrict the usage of the productive system to TPPs who can prove successful tests.