NextGenPSD2: More than 1700 banks have met the first regulatory PSD2 deadline on time

Today the NextGenPSD2 Implementation Support Programme (NISP) has issued a press release: more than 1700 NISP represented banks have made available on 14 March 2019 their sandbox testing environments for testing by Third Party Proiders (TPPs) of their NextGenPSD2 implementation for bank account access (XS2A) under PSD2. 14 March 2019 was an important regulatory deadline, mandating banks to offer testing facilities to TPPs, 6 months before the European Banking Authority Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) come into force on 14 September 2019.

As an important deliverable within the NISP common Testing Framework, NISP has defined the functional requirements for a sandbox test environment for integration testing by TPPs. As additional benefit to TPPs, NISP also provides a common list of sandbox details of the participating banks. The related documents are available to registered TPPs (ref. In the near future, the NISP project will further extend the test information. Furthermore, NISP will monitor upcoming testresults and enable a pan-European view on the status of testing between TPPs and banks for PSD2 XS2A.

The full text of the press release can be found here.

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